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Being aware of the peculiarities of the local market which calls for both modern marketing techniques and more traditional face-to-face presentation of the products by experienced animal nutritionists and farm engineers has resulted in a steady growth in annual turnover of the company since it was established

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The experienced team of nutritionists at Parsvitmin studies your situation and based on the locally available raw materials and the information they get from your farm or factory, will formulate the most cost-efficient and optimal diets, concentrates, and premixes. For more information contact us.


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Contact Us

Unit 9, No. 11, 1st St., Gisha Ave., Tehran, Iran

Telephone No.: +98 21 88283732 , 88486670

Fax: +982188486936

Email: Info@parsvitmin.com


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We know that a strong nutrition program is one of the best ways to increase farm profits. We also know that what makes a farm run successfully, goes beyond the nutrition and the feed. Pars Pooyesh Vitamin  help you look at the bigger picture; finding ways to help you be profitable in every aspect of the farm.

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All of Pars Pooyesh Vitamin product ranges have been formulated from the most cutting-edge scientific research, processes and formulations to provide you with the highest quality available.In order to make the right choice for your animals' needs, please download our full catalogue.

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Working Days

Saturday to Wednesday 8-17 o'clock

Tuesdays 8-13 o'clock

The Office will be closed according to calendar holidays.


Quality Nutrition, Quality Performance


Contact us:



    +98 21 88283732



    Unit 9, No. 11, 1st St., Gisha Ave., Tehran, Iran