Pars Pooyesh Vitamin started its manufacturing and commercial activities back in 2008, procuring, premixing, manufacturing, and distributing various concentrates vitamin/mineral premixes, vitamins, minerals, and additives for livestock, poultry, and fish. The products are branded as “PARSVITMIN”, well-known among the local farmers and customers all around the country. The company enjoys highly experienced and motivated stuff and managers, some with more than 25 years of academic and actual field experience who are also faculty members of academic centers.
The Poultry and Fish Concentrate and Supplement Manufacturing Site located in Nazar Abad, Alborz Province is equipped with modern production lines and state-of-the-art machinery for a daily output of 200 metric tons of products through three separate lines where the entire procedures of weighing, conveying, manufacturing, and bagging are automated and computerized without manual human intervention.

Quality of the products is our priority and the site is equipped with Quality Control Section and a Modern Laboratory along with closely monitoring the input material, packaging, final products, and warehousing based on standardized principles and procedures as required by internationally valid pharmacopoeia.

Accordingly, very strict measures have been taken to minimize heavy metal pollution of the raw material, use the material with higher levels of bio availability, improve stability of the raw material and the final products, and avoid the damaging physical and chemical effects of the raw material on each other.

Another mission of Pars Pooyesh Vitamin is ensuring stability in supplying the market and offering competitive prices without compromising the quality. Direct communication between the experts of the Technical Department and the costumers , continuous follow ups, researching the efficiency of the products, and customer satisfaction are the basic policy of Pars Pooyesh Vitamin which has helped us to improve the quality of our products since the start of the company.
Also, in order to obtain high quality material with reasonable prices in the shortest time possible, the company has signed exclusive distribution agency agreements with reputable European partners to register and directly import and distribute feed micro nutrients, supplements, and additives for feed producing companies and also to improve the quality of livestock, poultry, and fish products of the farmers who uses our products. We supply many manufacturers around the country who are active in the field of formulating, producing, and premixing feed for
farm animals who are regular costumers for our concentrates and supplements.

Pars Pooyesh Vitamin Production Site